Monday, July 27, 2009

YSC to Have Double Tin Walls For Security Purposes

To strengthen security for the Commonwealth Games, twin rings of tin sheets are likely to be put up along the Yamuna Sports Complex - one of the venues for the upcoming Commonwealth Games 2010. The proposal, though in its incipient stages, plans to install along the stadium’s periphery a pair of tin sheets — running parallel to each other — with sand packed in between. The pair of tin sheets, sandwiched with sand, will act as a bullet-resistant cordon around the stadium.

The final decision on this, however, is yet to be taken by the Ministry of Home Affairs, MHA. According to sources, samples of different sheets have been put up at the Yamuna Vihar Sports Complex. According to the proposal, the pair of tin sheets would line the grills around the stadium. “We have presented the plan to the organizing committee of the Commonwealth Games in the MHA and their final nod is still pending,” a senior Delhi police officer said.

“Meanwhile, we have invited manufacturers to showcase their products and a few have been put up at the Yamuna Sports Complex for scrutiny.” Sources said there was a plan earlier to construct a 2.8-metre high wall around the Sports Complex. But it was dropped considering the forbidding cost and the inevitable cutting down of trees, they said.

“Construction of a wall would be more time-consuming and costly. Moreover, we would have to cut trees surrounding the fencing. Not only are these sheets cost effective, they can also be sold for more than half the price after the Games are over,” a highly-placed source said.