Friday, July 17, 2009

I&B ministry shortlists five for CWG coverage

The Information &Broadcasting ministry has short listed five companies for production and coverage of Commonwealth Games 2010. The companies, including Reliance-owned Big and Nimbus, will work in association with international media companies to produce content for the Games.

The companies will be given a request for proposal as the next step in the selection process. I&B ministry sources said international companies with extensive experience in covering major events like Olympics and World Cup have been selected.

Among the short listed companies is Swiss-based International Games Broadcast Services (IGBS), formerly known as DAGBS. This is a joint venture between HBS and IMG Media. While HBS has been host broadcaster to 2002, 2006 and 2010 FIFA World Cups, IMG Media is a well known sports and media enterprise that has interests in event ownership and management, and has client representation in golf, tennis, European football and action sports.

The second company is Satellite Information Service Live, UK, a consortium of SIS Outside Broadcast and Satellite Services Ltd, is the foremost supplier of television programming and data services to the UK and Ireland betting industry. In addition, it has long-term contracts with other leading broadcasters, such as Sky and ITV, to provide live coverage of news and sports events, including Formula 1 and Rugby World Cup.

The third company to be shortlisted is Nimbus Sports International Pte Ltd, Singapore, in consortium with International Sports Broadcasting, USA (ISB). The lead partner, ISB was formed 10 years ago and has been actively involved in broadcasting for Olympics since 1998. ISB has been producing many sports events for the past 30 years.

Nimbus Communications Ltd, Mumbai, in consortium with Canadian Broadcasting Corporation, has also been shortlisted. The fifth in the fray is Big Productions — a division of Reliance Big Broadcasting Private Ltd — in association with Interpublic Marketing Services (Shanghai) Ltd, Beijing branch, and Tokyo Broadcasting System Inc, Japan.