Monday, July 27, 2009

Research proposal for Delhi 2010 Commonwealth Games

The Indian Institute of Management, Shillong (IIM-S) and the International Sports Tourism Research co-Laboratory (i-Team) of Drexel University, Philadelphia, USA have jointly proposed a research project on the Commonwealth Games to be hosted in New Delhi in 2010.

As a part of the exploratory discussions, a round table conference on the proposed project was organized by IIM, Shillong here on Monday.

The IIM Shillong and Drexel University’s i-Team will join hands to plan and execute an international research programme for scholars and graduate students titled ‘Sports India’.

The objective of the project is to expand know-how on professional management in sports through field and case studies as well as allied research in India. This research project on 2010 Commonwealth Games is a part of this contrive.

Another notable aspect of this research project is to expand local experiences globally by sharing the experience of the 2010 Commonwealth Games to other sports organizations and academic institutions in India and abroad.

The medium of sharing this experience will be through presentation of research findings, website postings, reports and scholarly in-depth articles in relevant journals.

There are four research components in the 2010 Commonwealth Games project. These will include resident perceptions study, consumer profiles and economic impacts, social-cultural impacts and an analysis of the organizing committee’s function.

Dr. Douglas Michele Turco, the Director of i-Team said that the 2010 Commonwealth Games would prove profitable for India in future.

“The games will be safe and will be profitable in years to come. How will Delhi use these facilities, that are to be determined,” said Dr. Douglas.

Considering the pace of preparations for the Commonwealth Games, Prof. Ashok K Dutta; Director of IIM(S) expressed his doubts on the implementation of the research programme and at the same time assured that the institute would actively participate in the project and fulfill its contributions.

“Those who were present in today’s conference, for them the research is important but I am not too sure that to what extent they will implement it because at the moment priorities are getting the infrastructure ready for the Commonwealth Games, to start the program and get everything set. So the idea of research might take a back seat but we will be at it,” he added.

New Delhi had bagged the assignment to hold the 2010 Commonwealth Games after beating the Canadian city Hamilton in the bid for the games.


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